I applied to London Business School’s MBA program only and was admitted in Round 2 with great support from Jesse and M!

I applied to London Business School’s MBA program only and was admitted in Round 2 with great support from Jesse and M!

I decided to retain Jesse as my counselor because of his personality and positive attitude.

Jesse and M helped me overcome the challenges of completing the application and interview successfully, which I found more difficult than getting GMAT and TOEFL scores.

I had a hard time coming up with ideas because my background has a low affinity with the MBA industry. However, I was able to connect my experiences to the application as Jesse was good at drawing out various stories from my past to the present. He was very helpful in suggesting specific ways to use my story, such as “You can say that experience in this way, can’t you?”

I was astonished by M’s editing ability, and she edited my draft into one very stylish and impressive. Also, M raised many spot-on questions, which definitely improved the quality of my essays. Initially, the core of the application, such as Why MBA/LBS, was very vague, but thanks to Jesse and M, I was able to create essays and short answers that I was confident in.

For LBS, there is a video assessment (done by computers) and an interview (done by an interviewer, mostly alums). The video assessment (2 questions in total) is a format where you have 45 seconds to prepare and 90 seconds to answer the questions displayed on the computer. While the content of the first question is known in advance, the second question is asked randomly. I was very anxious about what I would be asked for the second question.

In order to get ready for this second question, it was necessary to prepare answers from various angles. In particular, there are a few behavioral questions in the LBS application, so it was essential to formulate responses. Through discussion with Jesse, I came to understand how to answer the behavioral questions.

Also, I uploaded a lot of videos of me answering the questions using Flip, an app provided by Jesse, and he gave me feedback from various angles. This video assessment preparation overlapped with training for the in-person interview. Jesse always encouraged me even though I was too busy to spare much time for the interview preparation. With his great assistance, I could develop firm answers, and as a result, the interview went quite well.

Due to my workload, I was always on the edge of the deadline for both the application and interview, but I was able to get through it with the best outcome possible thanks to Jesse and M.

Mr. A (prefers to stay anonymous)

Admitted: London Business School (LBS)

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