MBA Interview prep with Jesse helped get me admitted to Insead and the London Business School!

The best companion on my MBA journey:

I worked with Jesse in order to prepare myself for the MBA interviews in the 1st round in 2020-21 and I was admitted to Insead and the London Business School (LBS)!  From my experience, I am convinced that Jesse was the best companion for my interview prep.

I highly recommend working with Jesse mainly for two reasons. First is his sincere and encouraging approach. As a Japanese applicant spending most of the life domestically, I felt overwhelmed when I embarked on the interview prep. However, from the very first session to the last, Jesse always tried to find and enhance my strengths while suggesting ways to improve my weaknesses, keeping his encouraging attitude. He never compared me with other applicants or gave “grades” for my performance. Rather, he always helped me become a better version of myself through highly interactive sessions in which he asked a lot of effective questions that urged me to think deeper. Thanks to him, I felt more confident about my performance after each session with him. And true, confidence was the key ingredient of the success in the real interviews!

The other point I admire is Jesse’s commitment to clients. Needless to say, he fully committed himself for each interview prep session, reviewing my applications, preparing questions to ask, carefully observing my performance, and providing constructive feedback. On top of that, whenever he found it beneficial, he shared with me articles, ideas, and insights relating to my MBA applications or career aspirations, which greatly helped hone interview responses. This epitomizes his commitment to his clients, driven by his true passion to help them achieve their goals. Such proactive support of his, combined with intensive 1-to-1 sessions, got me ready to answer with great confidence any questions that admission interviewers might ask.

In our first session, Jesse said his clients and he would often become friends. After completing my MBA process, I genuinely feel his words were true.

Looking for the best companion on your MBA journey? Jesse is the one to choose!!

Tatsuro Sato
Going to Insead – Also admitted by the London Business School (LBS)
Japanese Global Trading House

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