TOEFL & IELTS Score Improvement

The key to test-taking success is to develop effective strategies that will work for you every step of the way, even when you falter. We will analyze your strengths and weaknesses and create a program specifically for you.

Our proven methods will increase your TOEFL or IELTS speaking and writing  test scores by enhancing your ability to:

Increase your TOEFL score
We use tested and proven methods to help you increase your TOEFL or IELTS score.
  • Take brief but useful notes which will allow you to skillfully organize your verbal and written responses with the proper structure.
  • State your opinion in clear and concise language with specific examples and details.
  • Clearly present the information from both the listening & reading components in the integrated speaking tasks.
  • Use diverse vocabulary in order to paraphrase effectively, avoid repetition, and accurately convey your meaning.
  • Incorporate complex grammar structures fluidly.
  • Replace common adjectives and verbs with stronger options.
  • Include idioms and metaphors naturally.
  • Write while listening.
  • Improve your pronunciation.
  • And, of course, use your time intelligently.

Click here for specific TOEFL and IELTS writing section help: editing techniques to improve your essays.

Many of the above techniques will raise your listening and reading scores as well, plus we’ll help you:

  • Understand new words from context.
  • Recognize signals that help you identify the most important information.
  • Complete tasks even when you feel unsure of your understanding or overwhelmed.

Watch our quick tip videos to help increase your TOEFL or IELTS results.

All of our clients have been accepted to premier MBA programs:    95% in the top 20 globally, 100% in the top 30.

IELTS score improvement
Improve your IELTS score to get into the MBA program of your choice.

After we’ve crafted a plan to maximize your chance of success for each task, we will supply you with great interactive websites where you can practice on your own. You will be able to record your speaking tasks and then download and send us your answers. Forwarding us samples of your writing and the scores from your listening and reading practice will help us to continue to fine-tune your strategy and improve on your weak spots together. Working independently is important, but it’s very beneficial to have a coach to move you forward at a quicker pace and to analyze what can be done to improve your results for each task on the test.

We have also developed an exclusive video platform for our students to practice their TOEFL and IELTS speaking. You can use the website as frequently as you would like, recording answers to practice questions and then analyzing and evaluating your responses and selecting some for us to review.

Pricing: Our TOEFL / IELTS preparation Skype sessions are $50 per 50-minute session.

Get in touch with us now to start earning every point possible on your next English exam!

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