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MBA Application Essay Help – Quick tips to get you “write” into your dream school

Just getting started on writing your responses to those all-important MBA application questions and looking for a little advice? Or, have you written, edited, and rewritten your essays and need guidance?

Breaking down what can seem like an insurmountable whole into small achievable steps is the key to success. Each of our videos is under 3 minutes and focuses on one aspect of the process. We give you high-impact practical tips that you can immediately apply to your writing and see a significant improvement.

Greatly increase your chances for acceptance in three easy steps:
1. watch a video
2. immediately implement what you learned
3. see the verifiable results

Many of these suggestions can also improve your resume and TOEFL or IELTS writing section score, so you can kill three birds with one stone.

In our first video, M has an easy but often overlooked tactic for enhancing your application essays: avoid repetition. Take a look at your pieces of writing, including your resume, and if the same words are appearing multiple times, this video will help you quickly revise and demonstrably strengthen your work.

In the next video, M offers advice on how to upgrade your writing from good to exceptional. How often are you relying on one-syllable-everyday overused verbs and adjectives? If these tired words are sprinkled throughout your application, watch this video to learn how to elevate your language from average to outstanding.

In our third video, M shares 3 great editing tips in under 3 minutes, plus a bonus tip! Use these highly effective techniques on your MBA application essays, resume/CV and more to see measurable results. This advice will help you get that very necessary fresh perspective and edit your work into a powerful and highly impressive, and most importantly, successful piece of writing.

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I included a transcript after each video for your reference.

Write your best possible MBA application essay: don’t repeat yourself


Hi! I’m M from Top MBA consultants dot com, here today with your quick tip to improve your MBA application essays. Of course, other pieces of academic or professional writing can benefit from this advice as well.

Avoid repetition! Don’t sound like a broken record! Nothing can lull a reader to sleep faster than seeing the same words again and again and again. I can’t tell you how many resumes and MBA application essays I’ve read and found “developed key strategies, developed overseas relationships, developed system protocols” or “led an international team, led complex negotiations, led my university’s ski team” ok, ok we get it, you’re a leader.

Luckily, the solution is an easy one: get to know your go-to synonyms. Use a thesaurus, use multiple thesauruses (or thesauri, either plural form is good here 😊). Start with the one in your word processing program, then find one online that suits your needs. Personally, I think is a good place to begin.

However, be careful replacing your repetitive language with synonyms, make sure it still sounds natural. Use vocabulary that you are comfortable with and that suits your situation. Don’t start choosing five-syllable words just because they’re long and you think they make you sound super smart.

Now, let’s improve the examples I used earlier:
Instead of developed, developed, developed, try “established key strategies, cultivated overseas relationships, devised system protocols.”

Or, in place of led, led, led, use “headed an international team, directed complex negotiations, captained my university’s ski team.”

Of course, some repetition is unavoidable and can even help drive your point home. However, use it deliberately and sparingly.

Thanks so much for watching and please visit to see the full range of services we offer: from profile development and test score improvement to essay editing and interview prep.

Write your best possible MBA application essay: use strong verbs and adjectives


Hi! I’m M from Top MBA consultants dot com, here today with your quick tip for improving your MBA application essays. Of course, many other pieces of academic or professional writing can benefit from today’s advice as well.

Using impactful language will transform your essay from average to exceptional. How many times have you used the verbs get, help, or try? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with them and at times only those words will do. However, often an upgrade from get to acquire or obtain will attain better results. Replacing help with enable or empower will demonstrate strength. Instead of try, show the effort you made by using endeavor.

Then there are our lovely everyday adjectives big, good and my personal favorite, interesting. Go big by getting rid of it and employing impressive, colossal or enormous. Very good is fine, but exemplary or excellent are outstanding. Give poor overused interesting a rest, try engaging your audience with something more enthralling like intriguing, captivating, riveting, compelling, or absorbing.

Let’s look at a couple of very simple and common real-world examples.
“This experience inspired me to ….” is ok, but sounds like hundreds of others and is forgotten halfway through reading, try spicing it up with:
• This pivotal experience drove me to…
• This profound experience emboldened me to
Two small changes, one strong adjective and one powerful verb, in each example invigorated the sentence.

“Your MBA program will help me…” – obviously, in real life you’ll use the program’s name, but for simplicity’s sake, here we’ll stick with the generic:
• The distinctive learning style of your MBA program will empower me…
• The rigorous curriculum of your MBA program will launch me…
Again, just a few small adjustments push you from mediocre to memorable.

Of course, remain natural and true to who you are, but just imagine the exponential improvement to your writing as you apply this tactic throughout your essay. It’s the difference between a good piece of writing and an essay that gets the reader intrigued, on your side and wanting to know more. The top MBA programs are looking for exceptional candidates, prove that you fit the bill with outstanding essays.

Please visit to see the full range of services we offer: from profile development and test score improvement to essay editing and interview prep. Thanks so much for watching and have a great day.

Watch this 3 Minute Video, Apply the 3 Quick Tips to your Writing and Edit Yourself Right into your Dream School!


Hi! I’m M from Top MBA consultants dot com, here today with 3 quick tips for editing your MBA application essays.

This advice is for when you’ve already been working diligently on your C.V., MBA application essay or other important piece of writing. Now you’re ready to go through it meticulously. I have three recommendations for you today.

Number 1: Read out loud and slowly.

Hearing the words will help you identify grammar problems, repetitive language, unnatural collocations and much more. Highlight anything you want to rework and keep going. This is about seeing everything in context, you can go back later and correct the issues you find.

At the end of each paragraph, think about your structure. Is your information presented in a logical order with clear introductory, supporting and concluding sentences? At the end of the writing, consider the overall presentation of your data. Is there a clear engaging arc to the text? Think of yourself as a newscaster, really, give it a try. If your writing doesn’t sound broadcast worthy, you might need to make a few upgrades.

Number 2: As you’re reading, really look at each word individually as you say it.

Your spell check will only find misspelled words not incorrect words. For instance, there and their or sign and sing. You can install Grammarly, which can be helpful, but is not absolute and makes its own incorrect suggestions.

Number 3: When you get to the bottom, work your way back up.

Read the last sentence, then the one before it, etc. Until you’re back at the top. The purpose of this is to further slow down your speed and get a new perspective.

Bonus tip: Get a fresh set of eyes to check your document. A family member, friend, trusted colleague and/or a professional like me. Be open and really take their feedback on board. Even if it’s not right for you, it’s generous of them to help you out.

For more writing advice about how to fix the problems you’ve identified, check out my videos about avoiding grammatical mistakes, repetitive language, unnatural collocations and much more!

Thanks so much for watching and please visit Top MBA consultants dot com to see the full range of services we offer: from profile development and test score improvement to essay editing and interview preparation. As always, it would be great if you click the subscribe button, turn on notifications so you’ll know when I post new videos, like and/or comment. Have a great day!

MBA Application Tip Videos

How do you get into a top 10 MBA program (or top 20 for that matter)? You must get to know the business school deeply so that you can demonstrate you “fit.” Watch this short video for our “secret weapon” tip on how to research the school.


Hi! I’m Jesse from Top MBA consultants dot com, here today with a powerful MBA application tip that will enable you to prove to your target schools that you are a perfect fit. Once you have selected the business schools you’re going to apply to it’s critical that you get to know each program and that you’re able to demonstrate what you’ll hear called “school fit” in your MBA application.

Many have it backwards. They try to figure out what type of applicant the school wants and present that, even if it’s not who they really are. You need to start with you. Know yourself. Understand your goals and what you need to learn or improve upon to achieve them. That’s why you want to go to a great business school, right?

For this video, I’m going to assume you’re already clear on who you are and what your goals are.

To evaluate if the school suits you, you need to identify all of the ways you will benefit from the program and how you will make the greatest contribution.

This may sound obvious, but many times I meet applicants at the interview stage and they still only have a very surface level understanding of the school.

So how do you research your target schools?

I’m going to give you my secret weapon. It’s so powerful, I give it to all my applicants before they even begin writing their essays.

You need to envision yourself going through the entire program. You must examine each term’s classes, labs, etc. and create a document mapping out your experience from start to finish. What core courses are you most excited about? Which electives? Which clubs do you want to join? Which experiential programs? Which events do you want to get involve in, or perhaps even lead? For each of these, consider what you will be able to offer and what you’ll receive and what will you offer in each of the undertakings?

If you do this, I guarantee you will set yourself apart from your competition. Your essays will be highly specific and demonstrate why you and the school are perfectly matched. When my clients who do this reach the interview stage, they are frequently told by their interviewers that their depth of knowledge and passion impressed them and surpassed most others they’ve met with.

My assignment for you today is, go to the school’s website and find the entire program calendar. Start digging into the curriculum and browsing the clubs and activities. In my next video, I’ll give you specific advice about how to find even more information and turn all the knowledge you possess into a strategic action plan.

For more great MBA application advice, please check out the other videos on our Youtube channel.

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