M and Jesse were key in my acceptance to my top master’s program choice!

M and Jesse were key in my acceptance to my top master’s program choice! They helped me succeed in every step of the process!

My first goal was obtaining a high score on the TOEFL test and they helped me accomplish this. Like all Japanese, the speaking section was one of the most difficult parts for me and moreover, writing was hell. They edited my TOEFL essays precisely and gave notes and useful links to learn connotation, collocation, synonyms and grammar so that I could learn more using such materials by myself. M and Jesse had specific advice and tactics to overcome my difficulties. Their sessions are fun and effective. They are passionate and professional and focus on each client’s objectives to build an effective strategy.

I clearly remember my first session with Jesse. I was a little bit nervous because I was not used to online English consultations via Skype. However, once the class started, the anxiety went away and I really enjoyed it. Time passed so quickly, Jesse is extremely generous, humorous and I was fascinated by his teaching. In the speaking session, we used a timer as if it was the real test, and practiced paraphrasing and built strong structures. Thanks to the classes, I got a “good” score in the independent speaking task, which was a truly remarkable achievement, in the end.

Jesse is also a great instructor who can help students to complete all application processes for graduate school successfully. I had never submitted a CV, reference letters or essays in English. My first draft of the CV was awful, but he instructed me step by step and gave me a lot of online samples and we discussed how to write an effective and strong CV. Thanks to him, I got the offer from King’s College London graduate study program.

The English immersion program Jesse created for me has had a tremendous impact on my learning. I was able to practice my speaking, listening, reading and writing almost every day. He even responded to some of the videos and blog entries I posted!

Suitable words describing M’s sessions are well-planned, well-organized, efficient, to the point. Furthermore, her class has a good tempo so it feels like time flies. I was always impressed by her organizing skill, punctuality and useful feedback. She innovated unique and effective ways to improve upon my weaknesses and precisely took notes regarding my mistakes and focused on them in the next lesson.

When I worked on TOEFL speaking practice, she pointed out my weaknesses, such as repeating the same expressions or sentences in both the introduction and conclusion, and pushed me to practice until I could overcome them. Also, we had pronunciation training, which greatly improved both my listening and pronunciation skills. Her methods are extremely effective to achieve students’ goals, which was getting a high score in speaking in my case.

M and Jesse are truly the best instructors/consultants I have ever met in my life. In the end, if you have time and it meets your budget, I recommend having sessions with both of them. Meeting two to three times a week is much more effective than once a week, trust me! Their speaking speed and rhythm are different so that you will get used to listening to English more.

M and Jesse are highly intelligent, educated, competent and cultivated people. If you train with such educated people, your spoken and written English will sound very intelligent.

Update: I’m currently in the third and final year of my graduate program. Throughout this time, I’ve met with M and she’s continued to assist me in preparation for my exams and editing my end-of-year essays. Now, she’s helping me as I present the results of the clinical research I’ve conducted in my dissertation, which I plan to publish when it’s completed.


Kwangsoon Lee, DDS 
Lee’s Dental Clinic

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