Resources for Increasing Your TOEFL or IELTS Score

We are always looking for great TOEFL and IELTS resources to help our clients improve their scores as quickly and easily as possible. This list includes just a few of the sites we find helpful. We’ll be adding more links on a regular basis so check back often. Or, even better, sign up for our newsletter and receive updates when we add new useful material to our site.

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Record your speaking practice with Flipgrid. Watching videos of your answers will allow you to find your mistakes and correct them. You can also work on improving your responses by using synonyms and strong verbs and adjectives and adding an idiom and a conditional. Flipgrid is also great for pronunciation practice. Record your minimal pairs and tongue twisters and then click on the closed caption tab to see how well you’re doing.

Use Breaking News English to practice for the TOEFL listening and reading sections. Choose the correct level for you, either read or listen to the material and then complete at least a couple of the exercises to check your understanding.

Check out our editing techniques to improve your TOEFL and IELTS writing section essays. Science Vs is a great podcast that investigates the hard facts behind common beliefs and what’s in the news. If you click through to the episode descriptions, there are links to the transcript and the research they reference during the show.

At the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary, of course, you’ll find definitions, but also hear the correct pronunciation of words and see them in context in multiple example sentences.

Howjsay is great for hearing different pronunciations of the same word.

Find great synonyms at Thesaurus.

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Of course, Quizlet is full of great vocabulary. This TOEFL set is a good start, but making your own flashcards is even better.

If you’re a visual learner, starting a whiteboard at Miro can be very useful. Add pictures and vocabulary, create mind maps, do whatever best helps you learn and remember terminology.

Check out ESL Discussions for tons of questions to practice your speaking. Choose a topic and then a question or two, or more. They’re not in the TOEFL or IELTS format, but they’re great for getting better at answering questions about a wide variety of subjects.

Use our list of TED talks to help increase your TOEFL and IELTS listening score

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