TOEFL Independent Speaking Practice Questions: 1 Per Day for 30 Days

Increasing your TOEFL speaking section score can be challenging. We’re here to help with 30 TOEFL ibt independent speaking questions. These task 1 questions are as close to test day as possible, so they’re a great way to practice for the exam. Don’t rush through doing as many as you can quickly, take your time and evaluate how you did on each of your answers and find ways to improve. Plus, there’s a bonus video!

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For the best results possible:
1. Record yourself when you answer these practice questions. Then you can analyze your response, brainstorm ways to improve it, answer the same question again, and, finally, apply what you’ve learned to your next practice.
2. Make your environment as close to the actual test conditions as possible. Wear a headset and add some background noise similar to what there will be on test day (try playing talk radio or a YouTube channel in the background).
3. Practice on a daily basis!

We hope you find these videos useful and if you’re looking for more ways to increase your score check out our TOEFL and IELTS quick tip videos.

Good luck on your next exam!

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